Melrose House Nursery Schools

Traditional Nursery Schools Located in SW6 and SW18 for 2-4 year olds
Aims and Objectives of Melrose House


The aim of Melrose House Nursery Schools is to encourage the development of happy, confident children in a secure and stimulating environment.


Each day a range of activities is covered to enhance the intellectual, physical and social development of each child.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which is organised into seven areas of learning:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development;

Communication and Language;

Physical Development;



Understanding the World;

Expressive Arts and Design.


At Melrose House Nursery School, our children are happy and confident individuals.  We provide high quality education that ensures readiness for school. 

This is done through a motivated, experienced and trained workforce, a carefully planned environment and a close partnership with parents. 

We have high expectations for our children.




Detailed Aims and Objectives

1. Encourage each child to reach their full potential by providing a dynamic and forward thinking curriculum which engages children in their learning.

2. Create a learning environment which is inspiring, innovative and stimulating through exceptional teaching.

3. Ignite in our children a passion and love of learning through purposeful and meaningful learning opportunities.

4. Explore and develop the talents and interests of our children through our nursery school community which provides a nurturing, caring and warm learning environment.

5. Prepare children for their role as leaders of the future by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to develop and broaden their understanding of global citizenship and achieve to the best of their ability.



Melrose House Commitments

1.  Commitment to our pupils – to enable them to achieve their full potential in all areas supported by a positive pastoral system.

2.  Commitment to our parents – to complement and support their role in the development of their children through open and continual communication.

3.  Commitment to our staff – to recognise and develop their expertise and enthusiasm supported by clear expectations for their benefit and that of the nursery school.

4.  Commitment to our environment – to ensure the environment enables children to explore and learn.  We are committed to providing a clean, welcoming, safe, and stimulating place.

5.   Commitment to the future – to continuously improve our service through a focused action plan and a clear vision. To ensure we continue to have a positive relationship with the local community.